This is me.  With my husband & my 3 young girls.  And this is about as posey as you’ll get us.  To be honest I don’t really like being in front of the camera very much so it’s very rare to get a photo of me with the family.  BUT, for this occasion I smiled, posed & now this is one of my most favourite photos & I’m so, so glad we had these photos taken.  (and besides I got sick of my kids asking where I was every time they looked through photos so I thought it was time I was actually IN some of them!).  I have this very photo enlarged & framed in the lounge and I look at it every day.  So do my kids.

Anyway, enough about me….I want to photograph you!  And your newborn baby, your kids, your pets, anything that’s important in your life!  We only have one life, so let’s get some cool memories of it & plaster them all over your walls, or at least in an album!  You might feel like you want to wait until you’ve shed a few kilos, or wait until your 6 year old doesn’t have a big gummy smile with missing teeth….but why wait?  This is life.  You never know what’s around that corner.

I’ve photographed hundreds of families, babies & at last count over 60 weddings.   I am passionate about lots of things in life. My family, the outdoors, animals, and of course my photography.  I’ve always had a huge interest in taking photos of people.

After completing a Diploma in Freelance Photography in 2006, I put all my energy into creating my business, Kylie Day Photography. My mission is to offer you fun and unique photos and to make every photo shoot with me a rewarding investment. Whether you want  maternity, newborn, family, engagement or some other photos, I’m always keen to help you get the shots you desire.

I am a firm believer in keeping photo shoots relaxed and natural, as I know many people, me included, prefer not to have their photo taken! I aim to make your shoot a fun experience but at the same time create some stunning images which you will love and treasure forever.  If you love the natural, down-to-earth style of photography that really captures you & your family as you really are, I can help create those images with you.

I look forward to you contacting me and discussing your photographic needs.